Achieve your personal transformation with a Personal Transformation Intensive retreat

Personal Transformation means getting down below the surface of the roles that we play to the deeper level of who we really are. Emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual blocks prevent all of us from knowing the truth about who we are and what we can accomplish in our lives. Releasing these blocks means the difference between allowing the unconscious parts of us to be in charge versus making positive, conscious choices in our life. PTI is an opportunity to move beyond self-imposed limitations and explore these deeper levels within a group setting of like-minded individuals.

How does it work?

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Personal Transformation Intensive is a powerful personal growth/therapy program in retreat format. It is for anyone seeking to deepen the experience and application of their therapeutic work. PTI is an innovative adjunct/alternative to individual therapy because it takes people further in their healing process than they can go in a one-on-one setting.

Within the Personal Transformation Intensive program you will experience these powerful techniques:

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy® – A dramatic combination of traditional hypnosis, developmental psychology, behavior modification, Gestalt approaches, and energy work.

Breathwork sometimes called Conscious Connected Breathing; integrates one’s emotional, physical and spiritual healing.

Energetic Psychodrama A powerful form of psychodrama that incorporates trance work and energy work within a traditional psychodrama format.

Heart-centered meditation Guided visualization and chakra meditation.

By attending a Personal Transformation Intensive retreat you will learn tools to:

Attract healthy, loving, fulfilling relationships by exploring and changing the negative patterns and beliefs that block being in healthy relationship with others.

Develop new behaviors and beliefs that promote safety, intimacy and connection within the experience of a safe, healthy group.

Understand true Heart-Centered Love by learning to love yourself so you can love others; Express feelings in a healthy way; enjoy your own company; Renew your spiritual connection.

Manifest your goals using the full power of your mind to reach your full potential with an effective goal setting process.

Listen to the messages from your body to improve health and increase self-awareness through the Mind-Body Connection.

Learn and use relaxation anchors, Heart-Centered meditation, Conscious breathing.

Enhance prosperity by learning the principles of prosperity and abundance; learn the role of integrity in creating abundance.

Release self-defeating patterns. Stop procrastination, Victim, Rescuer, Persecutor roles, fear-based decisions, codependency. Reclaim your personal power!

Improve communication skills.

Learn tools and techniques to connect and discover your True Self and communicate the truth of what you really mean.

Stop the Blame-Game. Take full responsibility for you Life! Learn accountability and step into the potential of who you are! Be fully in integrity in your life. Navigate Life-Transitions with ease and grace. Release the shame, self-judgment, self-criticism that inhibit the full expression of you!

The Personal Transformation Intensive is structured as a experiential group process and is facilitated by trained Heart-Centered transformational therapists. The 150-hour program meets one weekend and one weekday evening per month for 5 months. The weekend retreats begin on Friday at 5pm and end on Sunday at 5pm. Weekday evenings are once a month from 7-9pm. You will be provided with a loving and accepting environment for the challenge of profound personal growth.