How Can I Help?

  • Are you not sure what is keeping you from being happy?
  • Have you been successful in most areas of your life except your personal one?
  • Are you turning to other things for a temporary boost that often leaves you worst off than before?
  • Dissatisfied with relationships that don’t last for more than 1 to 3 months, and are one after another?
  • Or do you find yourself restless, irritable and discontent more days than not?
  • Or are you a top achiever with an impressive list of accomplishments in all areas of your life except with your life partner?

Left unchecked and unresolved, these feelings and behaviors may lead to more problematic issues such as addiction, divorce, anger, resentment and fear.

“Grow from Life’s Challenges” is my approach to treatment. Loneliness, isolation, depression, anxiety and addiction are unfortunately the norm in today’s fast-paced environment.

While I work with a variety of issues, I specialize in the treatment of co-dependency; alcoholism/ addiction; depression, anxiety, and healing and resolving relationship dysfunction. I focus on issues of the here and now, while also paying close attention to patterns grown from the past. These kinds of issues are common, and you are not alone in asking yourself, what happened?

The same things that contribute to your success in life may share a common root as the ones that contribute to unhappiness. I help individuals explore this unexamined personal history in the context of the here and now to help find solution.

Rising to the challenge and growing from them is key to psychotherapy. These are times when seeking objective help to examine ourselves just makes just good sense. Psychotherapy helps to clear away the past, so we may see more clearly. That leads to better choices and personal fulfillment.

My approach is honest, empathic and supportive. I am interested in helping you become successful in all parts of your life.